Arton Wire - the art-powered lifestyle brand

Swedish entrepreneurs Andreas Ekman and Tim Ahlin have focused on enabling at-home art collections with five curated editions. Each year Arton Wire will release both designer collabs and new Artons for you to collect and cherish. Bringing attention to the overlooked spaces within your home.

Sunday’s at Gilberts’
The launch of Arton Wire presents a story dating back to the mid-80s. To when Arton Wire founder Andreas Ekman spent Sunday summer afternoons with his grandfather Gilbert Marklund. Gilbert Marklund, one of Sweden’s finest interior and furniture designers and architect, used to walk around in his home observing and pointing out spaces that lacked interior design and art. Discovering the “forgotten” spaces.

“I remember my grandfather always being oddly frustrated with spaces close to the ceiling. Every Sunday when I was at his house, he always seemed a bit more frustrated than the previous week. “The way ceiling lamps are mounted bores me - we should fix that!” Now, thirty years later, in homage to the late Gilbert, we’re happy to bring Arton Wire to everyone.” - Andreas Ekman

At Arton Wire you’ll find the home-interior art details for the forgotten spaces, challenging the idea of what your home is all about. Arton Wire brings people together through the power of art, conversations and collaborations.

Designed in Sweden, Sustainably produced in Sweden.

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