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Grab a hold of your own Fist from Arton Wire. What will friends and family say when they come over and see art details in spaces which once used to be overlooked? With the smart, easy and one of a kind ceiling cup you can always count on your lamps hanging beautifully straight. Suitable for almost every lamp which comes with a cord.

Designed in Sweden.
Sustainably manufactured in Sweden with recycled HDPE plastic.

Color: White
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Simple and easy Installation

It is as easy as it should be. No more dated solutions for modern homes. Installing your Arton Wire is made easy due to its innovative solution which allows for a perfect fit every time. Tilted cups, wires sticking out and unattractive gaps close to the ceiling is definitely a thing of the past. Your home and ceiling will look stunning with Arton Wire.

All Arton Wire designs are compatible with almost every single pendant in the world.